Why Start a Franchise?


Every entrepreneur has thought about it: “Should I join a team, or do this myself?” The decision is a huge one, and of course, people want to go with what seems easiest, best and most cost effective…

At first thought you might think going on your own is more cost-effective…but is it?

While it often seems cheaper to do it yourself, in the long run, being on your own almost always costs you so much more, both in money and time …

In a franchise, the team and systems are already there …

As you can see, if you go it on your own, your entire business would have to be built from the ground up. That means not just getting clients, but doing everything on your own …

But there’s one other vital point, especially if you’re a young entrepreneur going into your first business … or one of your first four or five businesses.

You see, it generally takes at least four or five businesses of your own to learn what you are doing.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Your first million is the hardest.” It’s true because you have to learn how to make it while you’re doing it. When you first go into your own business for yourself there’s a lot to learn.

In a franchise, at least you don’t have to learn everything yourself, you just have to learn to use the systems – and you have resources in place to help you get moving.

Add up all the time and money it would cost to do things on your own, plus all the learning you’d have to do, and you’ll be amazed at how far ahead you will be after joining the ActionCOACH team.


Here’s also Why…

Most business owners forget one very important thing. Doing the work of your business is only about 20% of the business. The rest is dependent on systems you would have to develop on your own… if you went out on your own.

Here are just some of the things you get as part of a franchise. Remember, these are all things you would need to pay for in terms of both time and money if you did it on your own:

  • Sales systems – Think of all the time, effort and energy you could put into working out the sales scripts, while knowing that the success of those scripts come down to trial and error or testing and measuring. Think of all the work you’d have to do just to create a base to work from. And that’s to say nothing about working out the steps in the buying decision and the best ways to charge a client or any of the other challenges to your business. This would be a massive expense in both time and money, not to mention the sales you’d miss by not knowing what to do …
  • Marketing systems – Marketing is not cheap. From your website to your brochures, sales letters and tools, there would be more in graphic and web design fees than you can imagine. It’s such a nightmare that you don’t even want to think about the cost of writing and then testing ads just to find out if they work. The cost of running ads that don’t work can be enough to break most new business owners.
  • Client systems – From basic administration to contractual documents, client records and everything in between, there are loads of systems you need for your company. These systems may seem easy to produce on the surface, but it takes both time and money to get them up and running correctly. Now, add in systems that are proven for client management and retention. How many months might you waste before you get to know what works best?
  • IT systems – Can you imagine what it would cost to build a solid business management program? Now factor in the time you would need to allocate to the build out of your systems. Plus, the system needs to be constantly maintained and updated. Unless you’re an IT Specialist, you’re going to have to find someone you trust to handle it for you if you’re out on your own.
  • Training for yourself and your team – Team training is vital to your success, but on your own you’d have to find a way to do that training with outside companies, or take your own time to sit down and design, then test and measure the results of the entire program.
  • Product and Services Development – imagine just how long it would take to write a new client training program, a book, record a set of DVD’s or develop a new system for clients to work with you. It would take months… and you may not get the results you’re after even after all that work.