Which Model Suits You Best …



The Pro

The Pro License is a new license, and what we consider to be our “expansion license”. It has a lower entry fee to give more access to the ActionCOACH franchise and being a qualified business coach with ActionCOACH. As a Pro Licensee you hold a non-exclusive territory over your state or province. The Pro license has a lower one-time upfront licensing fee, but is a bit more costly over time with the royalty … but a great way to start for those people who have limited access to fund the purchase of a franchise.


The Premium

This license gives you the opportujnity to invite business partners to join you, your spouse, or other family member, or hire two Employee coaches when the time is right to multiply your income streams. Employee coaches can be added without paying additional License fees, but each needs to be trained at a small fee. We consider this license a “mini firm”.

As the license holder, you retain the license as non-exclusive over your home state or province, your employee coaches will be on salary, and you can match clients with either teammate to help your workload. This license is also very powerful because with an average revenue of $165k a year, three coaches working in alignment and strategically can really accomplish a lot together!

The Firm

This is the premier level of franchise investment we may grant the right to operate. The Firm is an arrangement whereby franchisee is granted the rights to employ or contract a minimum team of eight business coaches referred to as “Nominated Business Coaches” (NBC’s) who provide Coaching Services to Clients and operate the Business within an agreed upon DDMA and on a limited basis outside the DDMA.

Generally, the Firm Owner will provide Coaching Services as part of the Firm and lead a team of Business Coaches. There are no restrictions on the number of (NBC’s) employed or contracted with, however, there are minimum numbers of NBC’s in accordance with the Minimum Business Coach Requirement.