Entrepreneur 12

Once you’ve taken our Entrepreneur Assessment, which is followed by a one-page application, below is a brief outline of what you can expect will follow.

Week 1

Initial interviews & discovery webinar

Have phone interviews with our Franchise Recruitment Directors, reviewing with them your suitability for the Franchise, and looking over our initial materials and our Discovery webinar. This is when we get a good sense of each other and can already determine if there’s a good fit.

Week 1-2

Sign and return Confidentiality agreement, complete DISC Assessment, Tool Box Tour

Sign and return our Confidentiality Agreement then Complete our DISC Assessment and immediately thereafter complete our “Toolbox” Tour. This gives you an opportunity to sample Action’s intellectual property and copyrighted systems, while giving us the opportunity to protect our intellectual property.

Week 2

Receive Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) & start into your Due Diligence

We will confirm your approval to start into Due Diligence. You are now able to see our Intellectual Property and receive detailed operational and legal documents. If for some reason, we later decide that you would not be a good fit for us, or you decide you do not wish to proceed further in the process, we part company friends with no obligations. You will receive disclosure documents (FDD), Business Plan Template, Cash Flow spreadsheets, Franchise Agreements, and related material.

Week 3-4

Discovery Period, Complete and return initial documents

Once you have received these documents, you then have to do your Due Diligence. What this means is simply that you:

The Applicant Background Statement and the Personality Profile forms are used by us and Action Head Office when determining your suitability to become an Action Coach.

  • Speak with Existing Coaches for a Coach Validation call.
  • Review the FDD and ask all your questions
  • Fill in the Business Plan template and do your Cash Flow projections
  • At this stage, you can also use these documents to start talking to Banks, funding advisors etc to organize financing if that’s needed
  • Review the Franchise Agreement. Talk to us about any queries or clarifications. If needed, select a franchise attorney for professional advice
  • During this time we want you to call our Action Franchisee partners to get their perspective on the business. We are very transparent!

Week 2-4

Interview with ActionCOACH Execs, Discovery Day

You will have a phone interview with Vic Ciufettelli, Global CEO of ActionCOACH. We then require you to visit either our Las Vegas or Miami Office on a Discovery Day, meet the real people involved in the franchise, ask all your questions and get a feel about partnering with us.

Week 4

Finalization of contracts and payments

Decision time is here! If you have reached this stage and both you and we decide that this business is right for you, then it’s now time for you to sign the agreement and pay the License and Training fee.

Week 5


You can then commence Pre-Training in preparation for the Global Residential Training. For 10 day Trainees, you will receive all the Action materials (books, manuals, DVDs, CDs etc) to assist you in getting the most out of the Training. For 5 day Trainees, you may want to spend some extra time in Pre-training to be prepared for the Residential Training. Book your flights now! Attend local Action events. Set up your home office!

Training Date: Global Training

This is the arrival date for your intensive Residential Training in our Global Training Center in Las Vegas. This is where your life changes…!

Start Up Date

Start Up & Post Training

After Training, you’re in business! Congratulations! It’s now all about you following your Dreams > Goals > Plans > Actions to get your results!

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