Planning CLUB

Our two-day PlanningCLUB program is designed to set the strategic direction of your business, as well as produce a robust business plan for the next five years. As it’s cloud based, you can adjust and modify the plan as your business changes.
  •  Predictive financial modelling: our PlanningSYSTEM predicts future cash at bank, profitability, equity growth and yearly marginal cash situation. It does this via real-world inputs – what does the business sell, how much does it sell those items for, what are the cost to sell those items, what are your operational expenses?
  • Clarity of goals: PlanningCLUB is focused on building workable goals for key people within the business. We want to establish the core success criteria that you need in order to grow customer numbers, revenue and profits. This is done via interactive sessions at the two-day PlanningCLUB event.
  • Strategy builder: the PlanningSYSTEM has more than 1,100 inbuilt strategies, which we use to give each attendee a way of a creating powerful plan for the improvement of their business
  • Coaching toward success: One-to-one and group coaching is conducted during the two days. You’ll work on your strategic direction, business modelling and planning while interacting with other business owners and world-class business coaches.
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