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Below are a series of case studies that are examples of what ActionCOACH has done for clients all around the world.

Case Study #1: Manufacturer

Business Challenge: Company had an excellent reputation for quality and on-time delivery (won awards). Company was generating about 200 NEW leads per year but only converting 3% to actual sales – a waste of time and money.


  • Clearly defined ideal target customers and specific criteria based on customer needs and company strengths.
  • Developed compelling reasons to choose the company – and reinforced this within our marketing and sales.
  • Modified advertising to reinforce benefits and re-allocated dollars to improve lead quality.
  • Developed and implemented a multi-touch sales management system, including quote process.

Results: Within 6 months, sales conversion rate increased from 3% to 12% and our average $ sale per transaction increased from $1,710 to $3,161. Overall sales increased 16% during this period.

Case Study #2: Logistics


The business ran at a loss the year prior to taking on a business coach. The business had no systems in place. There was no marketing plan or any form of marketing being done. There were no time management skills and no business reading.


  • Miranda initially entered into the ActionCOACH StepUP program which entailed weekly coaching sessions and attending GrowthCLUB.
  • Regular team alignment workshops were conducted with a view to keeping the staff aware of company goals and progress measured against successfully achieving them.
  • Currently Miranda is on a ‘maintenance’ program utilizing the GrowthCLUB quarterly planning days to review progress against long-term plans and refine strategies based on new knowledge.
  • Miranda’s has a voracious appetite for learning and read countless books, attended workshops/training sessions and encouraged her staff to do the same.


  • Loss turned to profit after the first year of coaching.
  • The business is still thriving even though other businesses in the industry have closed due to economic recession.
  • The business is now running largely without Miranda – allowing her to take four months off for the birth of her first child and giving her the time to pursue additional business interests.

Case Study #3: Industrial Supplies


The Comany experienced severe cash flow constraints resulting in their overdraft facility being utilized to fund operations. Profitability was unacceptably low. The accounting systems had no reliable information that could be extracted to provide management with the tools to make meaningful decisions. The owner’s time was misdirected into functions that could be delegated to suitably trained staff. There was a lack of clear understanding of the company’s value proposition and direction.


  • Appointed resources to get the accounting processes up-to-date to better understand why the cash flow was being adversely affected.
  • Implement strategies to improve the cash gap in the company’s working capital.
  • Implemented a register to track inquiries, the rate of conversion and the reasons for non-conversion to improve the success rate of the securing orders.
  • Implemented a weekly tracking system of key performance indicators and cash projections to assist with active management of key drivers.


  • An average 5.3% increase in gross profit margins.
  • A dedicated person is now generating more reliable financial results and controlling cash flow activities.
  • The owner now has the time to focus on marketing and sales to grow the business.
  • The business owners are now equipped with a foundation and action plans to continue the growth in all the key financial indicators.

Case  Study #4: Electrical 


The following areas of need were established through interviewing the client, analyzing his financial data and by observing his daily routine: falling turnover, increasing costs, increasing labor costs and declining productivity, lack of time to do the important things in his life, no real administration systems, increasing debtors, cash flow issues, no business or marketing plan.


  • Aligning personal dreams and goals with the business’s goals.
  • Focused on formulating a foundation for the business. The vision, mission and values were determined.
  • Created structure, roles and responsibilities of the management and staff and ways to measure productivity.
  • We established the income status quo, current cash-flows, debtors and creditors.
  • Systems were introduced to ensure that all debtors were being monitored and liquidated more efficiently.
  • New marketing strategies were implemented where testing proved to be effective.


  • The turnover doubled by the end of the second quarter of the coached year.
  • Business grew from four to eight teams working in the field.
  • Introduced systems to control the debtors.
  • Moved from a home office to much larger rented premises.


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