Comparative analysis of income, cash flow, assets, plus other metrics and critical With this program you’ll have your own full year’s access to our online business valuation system and cloud-based service. With the assistance of your business coach, you can determine the value of your business in 24 hours and get a customized, dynamically driven valuation report.We will give you the data on your business performance that you’ve always wanted. It will show you in certain and clear terms the current fair market value of your business.When you know how much your business is worth you are better equipped to make informed decisions on which actions you need to take to grow it even further.A business valuation helps you to sell your business for top market dollar, if you want to, receive additional lending or lines of credit from banks, and persuade partners to further invest in the business growth strategies. It can also set the business up for proper pass-off to the next generation and help with asset analysis for your insurance policies.

Main benefits:

        The outputs are:
  • A 23-page PDF report dynamically generated and customized to your business
  • Four valuation estimates representing a range of scenarios
  • Financial summary and assessment relative to industry data success factors
  • Financial, business and growth characteristics to calculate the value of your business
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