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Platinum: $4,950 US – Monthly / 12 Annual Updates*click here
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* Every Update includes a 1 hour Advisory Session with an ActionCOACH Business Coach.


Product Description

The ActionCOACH Business Valuation as a Service (VaaS)™ system, powered by BizEquity was created to democratize business valuation knowledge for all business owners and the advisers who serve them. Our vision is to value every private business in the world and to make business valuation affordable, accessible, and real-time, thus ushering in the next great cloud based software and Big Data company for Small Business.

The ActionCOACH Business Valuation service was created to help the 99% of all small businesses that could not afford or did not have the time to do an offline business valuation. We believe that every business is run to maximize it’s value and now through our patented service any business can discover, monitor, and learn how to optimize their business value.

Companies armed with valuation knowledge are better positioned to succeed:

  • Getting a fairer value on selling a business
  • Secure financing
  • Ensure proper credit and risk management
  • Attract and reward talent
  • Cultivate high-impact partnerships
  • Pursue growth initiatives

Few business owners actually know how much their most prized possession is worth. For this reason, I want to pass on something I ran across I thought might be helpful: an online business valuation tool by ActionCOACH, powered by BizEquity, which has 13 million businesses to draw comparisons from and establish a valuation.


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Key Facts:

  • 75% of SME Business Owners don’t know for fact what the fair market value of their company is.
  • Minimum Cost of a Formal Offline Formal Business Valuation is around $15,000 US
  • 1.1 Milllion businesses in the MENA region that are expected to change hands / partners in the coming 5 years.
  • 77% of SME Businesses in the MENA region are under-insured.

Like TurboTax, the ActionCOACH Business Valuation product by BizEquity gives you your value as you go and it’s free up to the end, so even if you don’t opt to buy the report, you can do a few steps and get some idea what your company is worth, it’s crazy that we have 28 million small businesses in this country and a majority of them probably don’t know what they’re worth.
Bloomberg Business Week


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Valuation Methodology

While this valuation was generated considering as many company-, industry-, and location-specific details as available, the value presented in this report is an automated estimation of the Fair Market Value of the business and its’ assets and liabilities. Some events and circumstances that might impact the overall valuation of a specific business may not be taken into account for the purpose of this report.

Valuation methods from the income, market and asset approach have been utilized to reach the valuation results for the subject company. The opinion of value given in this report is based on information provided by the user and other sources. This information you input is assumed to be accurate and complete. However, neither ActionCOACH nor BizEquity has not audited or attempted to confirm this information for accuracy or completeness. It’s important to note that the estimates presented herein are not “final numbers”. Instead, we are providing general estimates. As a result, the overall valuation should be considered a frame of reference and not an official appraisal.

Essentially, our focus is to try to provide a proprietary but real world oriented valuation approach for small, midsize, and emerging businesses. In doing so, we include methods from the following valuation approaches utilized by professional business appraisers today:

  • Market Approach: This involves analyzing the recent sales of comparable businesses. In a way, this is similar to how residential real estate is valued, i.e. the firm is valued by way of “market comps”.
  • Income Approach: The income approach methods seek to transform measures of profits or cash flow into estimates of value by way of multiples, capitalization rates and discount rates.
  • Rules-of-Thumb: These are simple but often powerful valuation methods that are utilized by market participants on a regular basis. Some business types are bought and sold almost exclusively by way of these “industry-specific” rules of thumb.


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Here is what the Media and others are saying…

Today, because of technology and infinite amount of data, business owners can plug in data about their company and match it against similar businesses to find out what their business is worth and leverage that data for loans.
Huffington Post

The digital nature of the service offered [by the ActionCOACH Business Valuation product] means that the business is readily scalable: the company has the potential to achieve global reach, a project already under way with established offices in the UK, US and Singapore.

It is essential that you have a very clear idea about what your business is worth before seeking funding. Check out the ActionCOACH Business Valuation service powered by BizEquity. This simple 7 Step process is a great tool.
USA Today

Lenders could use BizEquity’s valuation reports to supplement existing credit information on business borrowers, Petro says. The reports also could help generate conversations with customers about how their decisions could increase or decrease a company’s value.


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