The ActionCOACH Story

ActionCOACH is a white-collar business services franchise that has high financial gains and low overhead.  We work with small to medium-sized companies to fine tune and improve their business in 5 key areas, creating a profitable enterprise that works for them.  Our Business Coaches and Trainers teach business owners how to rapidly increase their profits while systematizing their business so they work fewer hours.

So, are you up to the challenge and career change?

Running a business can be easy. And simple. And profitable. It’s also one of the best ways to generate the cash flow and profits that lead to a great lifestyle for you and your family.  Our simple and systematized approach to business has benefited business owners around the world with more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly – more money.

Every business owner goes into business with the idea that his own company will give him more freedom, a great income and a great opportunity to better serve his market. While this is true, the entrepreneurial world, like the corporate world, is becoming increasingly competitive with changing technologies elevating the game more than ever.

The best way to combat this trend is to gain as much knowledge as quickly as possible and begin applying it directly to your actions today. When you do this effectively and consistently, the results will return to you many times over. This is the philosophy we at ActionCOACH have adopted, and proven continuously, since 1993.

Effectively, we have become one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet, so you should expect to experience the following, as you invest and operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise:

  1. High income potential with the leading company in the business coaching, mentoring and training industry.
  2. In an Industry that is still in its early growth stages.
  3. Robust training programs and ongoing franchisee support systems.
  4. Wealth of Knowledge & Experience with a community of over 850 Coaches around the world
  5. Three Business Models allows you to choose between a Home Based Business (Pro), a Small Practice (Premium), or a Firm with a full team of coaches (Firm).
  6. Upgrade to the next Business Model when you feel ready for your next growth challenge
  7. Low Entry Model and Low Overhead to get you started and up and running.

NEXT:  The Coaching Difference
Understand why coaching is our key to success and how coaching is different from consulting.  This is a crucial element of the overall value that you will be investing in.


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